Fashion is all about trend and confidence if we wore clothes with full of confidence it will automatically become a fashion in this fashionable world. Jeans are a type of pants or trousers, become typically made from denim cloth Often the term “jeans” refers to particular style of trousers. Called jeans. “Blue jeans”. Jeans are always remain in fashion. These jeans came into fashion from the Hollywood side etc, etc. Some jeans type always remain in fashion are skinny jeans, ripped jeans and Capri jeans .


  1. SKINNY JEANS:-. Skinny jeans are made with Stretch denim so they could be slim while other can have zipper’s on the leg opening. “Ancestors” of skinny jeans are breeches which were fashionable light and worn since the seventeenth century. These tight pants were called “pantaloons” and were worn high on the waist. Skinny jeans is our favourite pair of black skinny jeans .which gives our skin a perfect shape there are the best option in the market and you will be quite comfortable with this jeans.

2. CAPRI JEANS :- This are the most modern and style denim way to beat the heat in summer. Only you have to know is that how the Capri jeans should be styled with the tops whereby your look very different and unique. This are quite trendy and Fashionable for all the age group. These jeans can be ware with high heels or shoes to look cool and Fabulous.

3. RIPPED JEANS :- Ripped jeans have become quite favourite of people wearing different jeans may have a different look you can were this jeans with Long shirt and crop tops.

4. HIGH – WAISTED JEANS :– High waisted jeans or very trendy in India. Crop tops are a good pair with high waisted jeans. High waisted garment is one designed to sit high on or above the wearer’s hips usually at least 3-5 inches. High waisted jeans can be tricky to wear as they can feel uncomfortable if they do not fit correctly. Start by finding high waisted jeans that fit your body type as well as the right material and colour so your look very trendy.

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