The Forget to past Hurts

With love comes pain. To love is to become vulnerable , opening your boundaries so that you become one with the beloved. But, become we are all human, all imperfect, there inevitably comes a loss of connection either in small ways, through subtle distancing,criticism or conflict,or in much more powerful ways,through betrayal,breakup,divorce or even death. To love is to open ourselves to the greatest joy,which in turn, can become the greatest pain,our past hurts.

If you could forget your past Hurts, you could be the most powerful person in the world.

This is why love takes so much courage. I am proud of you for charging into it again and again taking chances with the one you are with or with someone new who could become your beloved. You are a queen in your own life. And you need to recognize and love yourself for being on this journey.

Love can heal any wound,any guilt ,sadness,anger or fear that may linger from your tangled past hurts. However,that love has to start with you loving yourself. You have to care for yourself, like yourself, recharge yourself and restart your life.

Past Hurts: Dont Fight the Painful Memories

It is most important dont fight the painful memories the thoughts and unhappy feelings, thinks that come up. Fghting off the memories will paradoxically result in them sticking with you and ruining your future love life. Rather you need to welcome them. Only then, can you transmute and transform these past hurts so that they no longer hold you captive. Here is a simply yet powerful 7 steps exercise that has helped many people just like you. Freeup your mind and fallow the exercises step by step, after each of these instruction.

The Forget to past Hurts 7-Steps process

  1. Never let your past come to your present and forget past as much as you can.
  2. Let whatever feelings or thoughts come up be there. Think the thoughts, feel the feelings, no matter how painful they are.
  3. Remember your ex or an incident from a past relationship that is particularly troubling.
  4. Images the huge bonfire burning up all those scenes,thoughts and or feelings that are troubling you.
  5. Dont fight with your past because when you can fight with your past then you can feel very unhappy and its effect will direct go to your mind and Thats why you do not forget your past hurts.
  6. Get away your past and Enjoy your present and future freely.

When To Use The Bonfire Of Past Hurts

You can use the bonfire of past hurts any time that you are feeling hurt ,sad,angery,fearful or guilt-ridden over things that happened in your past relationships. By using this simple tool you can turn these down periods into opportunities to nuture yourself and to facilitate your growtg as a person who lives a deliberate life. I believe the purpose of your life is to become your own beloved queen.

No matter What has happened you can heal and build a life you are proud of, that is fulfilling to you in all dimensions,a life that leads to love. You and only you can determine the right path. Craft you self- love declaration, choose your love intention and then act with one pointed intent. Be open to your deepest intuition ,listening carefully for the faint voice in your heart,wehn you are willing to fallow that whisper and be as flexible as the reed without compromising your integrity,the wounds oF the Past wi heal and all will unfold perfectly.

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