Some Type Of Matte Lipsticks……..

If talk about lipstick, then today’s Matte lipsticks trend are very popular in this trendy world. Because every girl wants her look’s like a beautiful trendy girl. Lips is such a part of your face that you look beautiful if you really wants your look like a beautiful women. Then you should make your lips beautiful and if you think how to make your lips beautiful there reading my tips carefully and properly.

Lets start :-

Matte lipstick are very popular and trendy matte lipstick are such a great thing that make your lips beautiful. If you apply matte lipstick to your lips then your face beauty comes in a different and unique look. It also a way to apply matte lipstick .Other lipsticks are Very liquid and when to eat or drink anything then your lipstick get damaged and your face very sad so why not you should apply matte lipstick on your lips because this matte lipstick are very trendy on this time .Matte lipstick are available different different colours and you Easily purchase this lipstick in market.

Now’ I telling you how to apply matte lipstick on your lips properly….

Firstly you scrub your lips with your tooth brush and some sugar and clean it. Now you should apply lip balm on your lips to much pink then it put on some powder on your lips. By this will make your lips light and then you put lipstick on your lip only once. Because if you use matte lipstick again and again then lipstick is getting too thick and dirty. When your matte lipstick is not dry then you can brush it o your lip again but when your matte lipstick is dry then you don’t use more lipsticks on your lips. Otherwise your lipstick get damaged.

Some Trendy Shades For Matte Lipsticks: –

  1. Blood Red Colour Matte Lipstick:

Blood colour gives you a rich look to like unique and beautiful women from the other it suites every tone colour of skin and it gives very trendy look to evey women .blood red colour makes Your face beauty like fashionable and confident women and it suites to every type of dresses like western or Indian or etc styles.

This blood red colour shade lipstick are very tenable in this time so you should try this .

Matte lipsticks
Matte lipsticks

2. Miss Rose lipstick: –

Miss rose professional Bullet Matte lipstick and trendy. Miss rose creme matte make up log lasting an waterproof lipstick.

Matte lipstiks

Miss rose very hot and soft matte lipstick and it gives you long lasting moisturiser to your lips. Miss rose are such a best matte lipstick for according to other lipsticks. Miss rose matte lipstick shade are pink Shade,plum shade,peach shade or nude shade etc.

Matte lipstick

Miss rose are very trendy in this time and start price just rupees (149) You can easily purchase fro the market or other online stores.

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