Best Tips For Eye Makeup

If talk about eyes, then the eyes have a huge contribution in making our face beautiful. We do a lot of things make our eyes beautiful. But i will tell you something so, that you can design your eyes in a short time, and the make beauty of your face is beautiful and amazing in eyes. Eyes are a very important part of our face through which we get very easily attracted to anyone. Many time we do not have time to design our eyes. and we geo out of the any party’s just by doing all the make_up, without makeup our eyes. But it is very important to makeup our eyes. When you should makeup our eyes properly then they makes your face beauty most beautiful.

Best Eye Makeup Tips

Eye Shadow

When you start the eye makeup Firstly you should apply first eye shadow on your eyes. Many type of eye shadow shades in the different different colours, but when to make your eyes smoking then you should apply black and silver shade colour on your eyes. Two shades of eyes shadow are very nice, which makes your eye beauty beautiful and Amazing. When you make a wedding party makeup, then you should apply light single shade golden eye shadow on your eyes. This shade are very beautiful which makes your eye beauty good. If you a makeup artist then now best trending eye shadow shades are light pink shining Eye shadow and golden shade which you should apply on bridal eye for make eyes Very beautiful. if you do not apply eye shadow in eyes makeup then your eyes looks very dull, so it is very important to apply light or dark eye shadow on your eyes for make eyes beauty perfect and beautiful.

Best Tips For Eye Makeup

Eye mascara

When we do our eyes makeup then you don’t forget to apply mascara on your eye because the mascara shows our eyes a wall better, which makes your eyes look very beautiful. Before apply a mascara on your eyes, taken some powder and put on your eyes lashes and after that, Apply a mascara on your eyes lashes. There are a lot of people who put the mascara dark on their top eyes lashes and put the mascara lower eye lashes very less but this is wrong. You should put a little less mascara on your top eyes but the lower eyes lashes you should put a dark thick mascara for making eyes beauty perfect. because our upper eye lashes very dark already and large so, no matter we will put a little less mascara on your upper eyes lashes, but our lower eye lashes are very small and light, so this is very important to apply a dark mascara on your lower eyes which make your eyes makeup perfect and beautiful.

Best Tips For Eye Makeup

Eye Liner

Eye liner, such a thing we make our eyes very beautiful. But while putting the eye liner, we make only one mistake that if we apply the liner in our eyes to the light from the top and then but our eyeliner downward same but this is wrong way to apply eye liner on your eyes. When you put the light eye liner on your eyes , then do not put the eye liner in your downward eyes. But if you put the dark or bold eye liner on your eyes, then you should apply the same process on your downward eyes, which makes our eyes beauty beautiful. While putting the eye liner we must keep in mind that which eyes liner is making simple suit on your eyes it is very important for making eye beauty perfect. well many type of colors shades eye liner have come in trending like blue, green, red, also black. But always keep in mind what colour eye liner suit on your beautiful eyes.

Best Tips For Eye Makeup

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