There are many type of trend popular in this time Trend means a trend is popular at the certain point in time while a trend usually refers to a certain style in fashion or entertainment . Trends never die it continusuly go on if one trend came in the fashion world with in seconds. Trend is that thing which every person want to be like Trend is not only which you wear it is the innermost personality ofan individuals which make an individual trendy and fashionable. Trend is all about confidence and cofidence should be never lie down . If you want to look trendy soo you should change your wardrobe with the passage of trend .


  1. SUITS :-

Do you want to renew your wardrobe with new and latest trends so i am here to tell you that how you could renew yoir wardrobe suit anddresses are tge life blood cell of every woman’s closet , they are varastic , perfect, comfortable,and offler cmpteen option . while there are certain every an classics that never gi out of fashion and have a relevant appeal you would also find some trendy and faddish option that seem to come and go.

Suit is that thing which every girl or woman want to look beautifull and she have the right to look beautifull if you think that you will look amazing and trendy with tops only so this thinking is totaly wrong ….. Suits can be look rendy if you wear suits in proper way with proper stitching .

Some Trendy And Fashionable Way To Wear Indian Suits……

  • Kurtis With Flair
  • Dhoti With Short Kurtis
  • Long Kurtis With Legging
  • Plazzo Suits

2. SARRES :-

Sarres nake your look royal. In onlden days sarre were worn by women in bihar or other cities but now this time sarre are famous in every states are cities because sarres new trends are very amazing and most beautifull. Sarre make your look gourgoes and trending. if you you wear new trens of sarresbon any occasions or evebts then make sure your look very different from others and you feel more confidence. so i will show you some new trending sarres which you can wear any occasions or events.

3. SHORTS :-

Shorts are always in trend. Shorts can be wear with the crop tops or normal size tops only It can not wear with the long tops or kurtis. Shorts have many types like full length shorts, short length shorts, knee length shorts etc. Shorts can be wear in colours of variety with some designesbon it. It will look cool and trending. Now a days shorts are going soo much of popular like jeans shorts, cotton shorts , nylon shorts etc. It can bein different colour ls or pattern like animal prin of tiger ,flower print of rose , Tulips etc. Shorts are very cool ajd trendy to bewear like a confidence woman. Shorts can be wear with high heals and shoes also and with high pony tail of hair style to make your look more trendy.


Lehenga is one of the most beautifull and elegent indian ethnic wear fir women. It is like a skirt and worn on the bottom way of your body. Its unique style and attraction designs makes it a favorite amongest the women. They are generelly worn at some occasions like Wedding ,sangeet, poojas ir other indian occasions. So you should try some new trendy lahenga this year occasions and specially wedding Ceremonys.

5. TOPS :-

Tops are very popular in these days seeleve top ,crop tops ,line degions tops are many type of tops are very comfortable to wear in summer season you should wear tops with your laggings ,jeans are other favorite garments and beautifull shoes. Tops makes your look trending and stylish in any type of occasions partis or events So you should try a once .

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