Some Type Of Sarres You Can Wear In Summer Or Winter Season

If talk about sarres then thereis a greatthing for party wear dreeses because saree is such a thing that makes your look very different and beautifull. Some woman think that wearing a sarre then maoes our look old but no those woman are wrong…… because sarre is such a thing that makes your look like a model so wear somethink new and trendy and makes your look stylish and unique in this trending world.


(1) Stylish Stunning Rangoli Patch Work Sarres :-

Famous designers tend to give region to their imagination and create clothes tjat look interesting and guided by the desire to attreet attention. The saree is made out of rangoli fabric which not only looks unique but its also comfortable to wear every day long . sarre comes along with unstiched Bangalori satin Blouse piece with embroyadary work which can be stitiched as shown or as per your requirement. This sarre is perfect to wear for kitty party,Casual outing and weekend get together.

  • Sarre Fabric : silk
  • Sarre Length : 5.5 meter || blouse le : 8.80 meter
  • Ragular Unstitched blouse
  • Sarre comes with unstiched blouse piece which is attached with end if the sarre only. Buyer have to cut blouse part from the saree and need to get it stitiched from tailor. Stitiched sarres is not available
  • Sarre fir Evening, cocktail, wedding party, formal occasions

(2) Assam silk sarees :-

If ralk about assam’s silk its not just the ra material ; the art of weaving is also including together they make for a product that was once upon a time good enough to get royal patronage. Assam silk are very best. There are three type of silk in assam muga pat or eri silks.


This variety of silk was reserved only for use by royal families. Muga silk is very demondable in india. This is the best one thing if you choose your silk sarres collection. If you wearing muga silk sarres that makes your look very fabulous. So you can wear it once.


This silk is producted without causing any harm to the silk worm. The cocoon of ailanthus silk moth is harvested only after the month levers. Eri silk thermel qualities which makes it perfect for both einter and summer use. This is one versatice fabric.


A product of oet silk wirm this variety of silk is also called mulberry silk as the lar val prefers white mulberry leeves for foo. The silk comes in natural whior off white has excelllent durability and is known for its glossy quality.


If you wash your sarres like this then your earres has safe and beautifull for a long time and it was saved even by being a damaged.

  • Only wash your silk sarres in washing machine
  • For only 10 minutes you will pit your sarre in the washing machine otherwise your sarre will get damaged
  • Never iron your silk sarres because heat definitely makes a silk damage

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